Hey Guys

I’m Louise, a nail polish addict living in north west England.  I have had a liking for nail polish since I eventually stopped biting my nails when I was 17.  In 2011 my work colleague gave me a Nails Inc magnetic polish for Christmas (Houses of Parliament for those of you who were wondering) and introduced me to a world of polish outside of the high street stores I was used to buying my polish from.  I ventured into the world of QVC where I found sets of Nails Inc polishes for reasonable prices and also found my way onto the Nails Inc website.  From those polishes and because of Facebook nail groups I found my way into the world of OPI and China Glaze and from there into the wonderful world of indies and I haven’t looked back since.

I started a Blogger (then Blogspot) site in February 2012 but didn’t post as often as I should have done because I wasn’t motivated to come home from work after typing all day as a secretary to get the laptop out and start typing all over again.  I am hoping that given the advancement in phone apps since then that I can prepare blog posts when inspiration takes me and upload and schedule blog posts via my mobile rather than flit between.different apps and websites and between my phone and laptop.

If you find your way to my little corner of the internet please say hi and if you have any constructive feedback I’d be happy to hear it 🙂