Purple polish by OccasioNail 

Hi guys

Today I’m reviewing a polish I was sent by the lovely Linda of OccasioNail who makes small batches of polish in Wales.  She is happy to make bespoke polishes for any event with your input.  As well as polish Linda also paints and sells false nails for those who want the glam look of longer nails but do not find it practical to have long nails in everyday life.

This polish is a dusty blue toned purple which dried to a satin effect. It was neither shiny or matte but somewhere in between. The formula was a little thick and tricky to work with at first but I added a couple of drops of thinner and this helped.  This polish has the tiniest flecks of holographic and opalescent sparkle running throughout. These flecks are definitely more noticeable with a glossy top coat. This polish lasted 5 days with only minimal tip wear and would have lasted longer if I’d let it! 

I applied 3 coats to even this polish out and get full opacity and topped it all with the Rimmel Ultra Shine Top Coat to bring out the sparkle.

The first picture shows the polish before I applied top coat, in artificial light.  The rest of my pictures show the polish with top coat.

This polish doesn’t yet have a name. Do you have any name ideas for it?

Next time I’ll be reviewing another polish by OccasioNail.

Until then, Lou x


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