Polish Me Royalty Worst Heroes EVER! Collection Ha Ha Ha! 

Hey Guys 

Ha Ha Ha! is the third polish in the Polish Me, Royalty Worst Heroes EVER! collection. 

Ha Ha Ha! has a sheer, lightly tinted base which is not at all thick or difficult to work with. This polish is packed with flakies. One layer of Ha Ha Ha! could be worn as a topper over a creme polish but in my pictures I am wearing four thin coats. When I look at my nails the main colour I see is teal. But on closer inspection you can see that there are purple, gold, green and blue flakies. Polish Me, Royalty describes these as “ultra chrome chameleon” flakies. I have not noticed any colour shifting while I have been wearing this polish but I can see a slight colour shift in my pictures. The lack of colour shifting does not detract from the prettiness of this polish. 

If you have tried this polish did you notice a more obvious colour shift? 

Until next time, Lou x

Edit: PMR has a 20% discount code PMRTurns1 which ends today (31 March 2017) x


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