♥ The GORGEOUS Nails Inc Black Taxi ♥

I received the Greige Collection from Nails Inc yesterday.  I was really pleased when I saw that this collection was available as it contains Black Taxi and The Thames both of which I have wanted for a while now.  After the deduction of 20% from the Instyle Magazine Promotional Code and 5 Nails Inc VIP points I got this collection for less than £20 including p&p.  As the collection is supposed to be £25 (plus p&p) I was really pleased with this saving 😀

I HAD to apply Black Taxi last night before bed and was so impatient to do so that I applied it over my neon and Fitzrovia nail varnish rather than waste any time removing that polish and applying base coat, etc :s 

I’m really happy with this polish which looks like wet tar as it’s soooo shiny.  This could be a mixture of this gorgeous polish and my Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat which I always use as it makes nails touch dry in 45 seconds 😀

I will take proper pictures with my camera when I get home from work (as the camera on my phone is not the best – roll on August when I can upgrade!!!) and will upload them later on.

Here are the pics I took after I got home and hopefully you can see just how gorgeous this colour is: –

If you want to treat yourself to this collection or just Black Taxi on it’s own you can buy them directly from Nails Inc here (set) or from QVC here (set) or individually here from Raven Cosmetics.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Raven Cosmetics she sells Nails Inc products and other makes of cosmetics for a fraction of the price you’d pay in store plus 15% discount on everything with p&p of only £2 within the UK.  If you ‘like’ her Facebook page here you get a free 4ml Nails Inc polish with every order! Now that’s what I call a bargain (“,)


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